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Hey guys, I am trying to write a story set in Regency, but the limited attire and accessories dissallows for some things needed for historical accuracy. I already decided to disregard the gloves rule because Episode still hasn’t got gloves and I’m okay with oversimplyfing the redcoats uniform because nothing comes close enough to it, but now I’m faced with a dillema and I might have to rewrite another thing also, but I just want your opinion on which looks most like a bonnett

As some of you know in the Regency area women’s didn’t hide their hair that much … Especially when you learn that men and women stopped wearing powdered wigs and protested hiding their hair underneath them. But they wore an awful lot of bonnets. Now, the lack of bonnets doesn’t disturb me, I can bypass it since the story is told from a sick woman’s bedchamber and even when characters are out in public it’s public gatherings where you don’t wear bonnets but feathers and fancy headpieces if anything.

But when it comes to older characters, the mothers of the MC and her cousins, I can’t have them be in the same type of clothing my MCs are in. The older married women with children during that time never showed the amount of skin the young ladies did. I think you can even tell the difference by yourself in these few pictures

Older women

Younger women

However, the mother of the MC I pictured as chubby in her old age and was delighted to have the option to pick a plus sized body for her. However, there’s not the same option when it comes to headwear and accessories and even some dresses. Now I understand it would be hard putting some clothing on plus sized bodies for the Episode staff, but headscarfs ? What is the point of limiting headscarfs for plus sized women? Well now, In order to make the MCs mother actually look like she fits in the era I have a few options … And all of them have faults.

For refference this is the MCs aunt, which I pictured as slimmer since she’s the one that has more of a need to keep up appearances meanwhile the MCs mother doesn’t

Her headscarf looks the most like the historical ones, especially the first one.

However, for the plus sized character, my options are …

This towel, which honestly looks too much like she just washed her hair and not like a headscarf or the infamous white bonnett

A hijab which looks too much like a nun and not enough like a Regency elderly woman

This headscarf is nice, but the bonnets were never patterned, if they were at all decorated it was with a bow prefarably of soft colors like baby blue, pink, off-white or white and this headpiece looks too modern and too Soviet

This headscarf is too tight in this one

Help me pick between ones of these of if none look close enough, tell me if I should just make the mother not plus sized so I could have more options?

Honestly I think the headscarf would be best but I feel like you’d have more options .

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Which headscarf?

The second one with the pattern .

I wish the character of the mother would that rich, that bold and have a need to show off in order to get her daughter married (Because due to the circumstances of the inheritance and her marriage, her hopes could never be so high as to have a chance to marry her daughter off to gain a title, so why should her wardrobe reflect that)

I found that exact headscarf in white when I made the model slimmer, so It’s crazy to have a headscarf in one color avaliable for plus-sized women, but a different color is off limits. We already know it works because the one in a different color is already an option, then why not allow the other ones to be added if one of them, in color, is already there …

You feel like I’d have more options with a slimmer model? I’m just trying to see if I got that right

Yea if u had a slimmer char I think you’d have more option than a plus size but that’d limit your diversity a bit .

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Yeah I guess I’ll have to go with a slimmer body then … Too bad … I wonder why there’s also no old face with double chin, there’s a mature face with double chin, but that’s too young for a Regency mother of two (or 3 I haven’t decided) grown up children

Not sure if u do a plus size one you’d only have 3 options to do for clothing but it’s up to u

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I can make do with layering, but … It’s the headress that really mattered

headscarf with the pattern!

Why? I mean I’m not asking which one looks better I’m asking which one is best to portray a bonnet so is there any reasoning behind your decision for the headscarf with the pattern or did you just pick it because you think it looks best?

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Thanks for your advice, I’ll make a rich older woman wear something like that

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