Help me pick a title for my story?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.
As it say on the topic, I need help on picking a title for my story!
I already got the plot and stuff, but I can’t think of a title.

The story is basically about people started to disappear in MC’s town when it’s almost Halloween. It isn’t a big deal until a close friend of MC disappeared. Finally it’s MC’s turn to disappear and MC finds out that it’s all because of a little ghost girl that died years ago during trick or treat.
This is a short story and it’s mostly comedy instead of thriller.
Help please! :upside_down_face:

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Trick or treat!

I’ve thought of that too, but I kinda think it’s a bit childish. Do you think it’s childish though?

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Just thought of it :smile:

Vanish :joy:

The Spooky Mystery (Disappearances??)

Unrelated but there’s this movie I watched before and ppl go missing on/after Halloween but it’s cuz of something else. Your plot somehow just reminded me of this

oops what if people think I’m copying it

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A Halloween Mystery

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Thanks for all the ideas. I’m gonna make a poll in the poll thread. Again, TYSM all of you! this solved so quickly

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Nahhh it’s still different