Help me pick one of these two story ideas!

Hi :slight_smile:
so i wan’t to make a new episode and i have some ideas, but i really don’t know wich one i want to do or wich one you guys would like the most!

so i’m going to show you my two ideas and please pick the idea you like the most :slight_smile:

  1. it’s about a school for humans and vampires, the school has day and night classes but the vampire and human students aren’t suppost to see eachoter, what happends when a girl from the day class accidentally meets a night class boy and even worse, falls in love :open_mouth:

  2. (girls name) is a one of the best undercover agents of the fbi she gets assigned to go undercover to get as much information as possible about one of America’s most powerfull gangleader! Will she manage to get him in prison, or will love change her plans?

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  • number 2

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Duplicate topic. Refer to newest: Pls help me pick one of the two ideas for my next story! :smiley: