Help me pick out a title for my story

  • My High School Sweet Heart
  • Two Hearts
  • What We Had
  • Worth the Wait
  • Side by side
  • Connected by Heart
  • Connected to the Heart

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My story as about old love blooming and highschool sweethearts falling in love again

Timothy was lonely but never showed that it. He’s tried to find love before but it never worked, this is because he still never stopped loving his high school sweetheart Margaret, she has a kid named Abigail she’s 3 and the father is an abusive man

A cool thing you could do if you choose “Worth the Wait” is let one of them say it near or at the end of the story!

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Yeah that’s genius!

I honestly wanted people to pick my high school sweetheart
but the more I think about the more I don’t like it

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i would say “side by side” like have your cover having two characters side by side like a drama/romance story or scene ,just my opinion but “worth the wait” is cool fr

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At first I wanted the cover to be “school year book” themes but I ened up hating it.
Then I was think the cover would be the female MC sitting on a bench with her kid looking at nature like a lake.
But do you think instead of the daughter it should be the LI?

Haha, nice!! Whatever you pick will be amazing though :slight_smile:

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That’s an awesome idea! Like at the end of your story you can make the 2 characters sit side by side in a romantic place and then say something like, we went thru lots of challenges and obstacles but in the end I got you so it was worth the wait (I’m so bad at describing stuff, I know :sweat:)

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I am the same way
but dont worry I understood you
I love these ideas! Their going to help me a lot!!!

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