Help me pick what story to write!

I have been wanting to create a episode story for a while now and I have two ideas right now, but I have always found myself second guessing. I would start to write one of the ideas, but then want to write the other. I’ll leave down a description about the two ideas I have and I ask that you leave any feedback/opinions on it and also answer which one you prefer and why.

Story #1: Please be true (don’t have a good description yet, but this is the gist of it)
After meeting one afternoon, they begin to meet up to share events about their lives. They each have something going on such as the MC struggling with love due to insecurities and the LI’s mom is always interfering with his love life. Sooner or later they both begin to fall in love, but there are obstacles in the way (her insecurities and his mom).

Story #2: Carmen (description first, then a bit of extra details)

Dr. Jones has waited years to bring his plan into action, but couldn’t without his grand weapon…Carmen. After waiting for the right time to strike, the time has finally come.
Extra details:
Carmen has the ability to teleport and telekinesis, but she doesn’t know.
Dr. Jones has been knowing ever since she was young after he saw her one day teleporting.
He killed her parents when her dad refused to help Dr. jones use her for his plan to take over the world and control. Dr. Jones has a son who has a big role in the story too.

…So these are the two I’m torn between.

Which one?
  • Story #1
  • Story #2

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