Help me please! also i need help with a warning! Need lots of help!


What is the number to make these lower?
@CHARACTER1 spot 0.725 169 338 in zone 3 AND CHARACTER1 faces right
@CHARACTER2 spot 0.719 239 344 in zone 3 AND CHARACTER2 faces left

How do I fix this warning?
@zoom on DAVID 300% in 5

Also I was wondering how u use numbers!?

I have no idea how to do numbers if you can please help!


To make a character lower you use layers, like this:

&CHARACTER moves to layer 1 (will be the one thats down)
&CHARACTER moves to layer 2 (will be the one thats on)


Ok Ill try it!


It did not work!


Can you send your script?



You forgot to add to in zoom command.


@zoom on DAVID to 300% in 5


Okay! Thanks!