Help me please ASAP i need help with sounds and music

well i still need help with how the characters will face each others

Like this one

what are you trying to do? can you explain?

i also i want to keep the girl small than the guy.

you need to copy the spots to your script

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sure. so i want the character to be able to face each others and walks towards them. like when they see someone talking or reading their phones… i want my character to walk up to them

that’s what i am trying to say. and also i tried the kissing thing, it still worked, the characters were far from one another. and also i don’t know how to make the character sleep or to sit down. these are the things i need help with the most. like how they walk and all that

To do all these things you need to be familiar with Spot Directing

You need to use walks to spot command and use walk rear animation if you want your character to walk up to someone

Check my thread about how to make character kiss here:

My episode bed spot cheat sheet (if you’re using episode backgrounds)

If you’re using a different background in order to make character sleep or sit whenever you want, use the normal command like:
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is sit_animation
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER is sleep_animation

Then use directing helper/ spot helper to move your character to the spot you want and change the size if needed

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Thank you, can you take a look at this?? i feel like i a m doing it wrong like… thxs again

Yes :slight_smile:

Hey @Apes, how are you?
Can you take a look of this? i am sooo confused as f like…

I think that i am not doing right at all like. Please when you get a chance.

I want to make the girls in the back so that, the guy can be there. and also the main character happened to be there, i don’t know how he will approached the girl. Please can you help me, i know that i am bothering you.

I want to get this, so that i can stop bothering you. But i am not getting any, i don’t know why? or maybe i am just a slow learner … the kissing thing, i tired too, the characters are still far from each others, i don’t get it at all. This is all just too complicated like…

This was from last week, @Apes, i wanted to show it to you, but somehow you were gone, so was i.

you need to use spot directing (like you placed girls on the back) check out the links from my previous thread

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oh okay. how to make music sound??

I thank you. I also need help… how so you place the characters behind desk?? or behind the counter . i don’t know how to place them behind the computers? i need help with that.

Hey, @Apes can you please send me the images that shows how the characters sit? and i know how to use the sound and music and how to make the characters kiss. hugging it’s still hard.

Check this thread for sitting and check out the threads I send you on the top, you’ll find the answers there :slight_smile: