Help me please, can anyone give me ideas on how to start my story

Hey it’s me again. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any idea’s on how to start my story in an exciting way? It’s an Action/Drama A little bit about my story

The main girl name is Brook
AGE: 17

Her older brother Ryder is in a gang

anyway Brook is like “The bad girl”
So she is badass and CAN fight if needed
But chooses not to as she hates violence because of her past, so that means she doesn’t like her brother job choice.

Anyway, I want my story to start of in an exciting way Or something that is not common
Please! Please! Tell me any ideas that you may have. And of course I will credit you

Txt me on here if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Maybe an introduction :slight_smile: ?.. off the characters?

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*of the characters

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U can tell the readers her personality and others first?

U read my mind.

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Yes i did :smile: Great minds think alike

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@Miss_Moonlight And @SilverStar Yeah maybe. but I was thinking like jumping straight into the action like starting in the middle of a gang fight? idk just an idea

U can start there if u want.

U can put it like before the story starts or continue it.
If u don’t get what I mean:
The gang fight is ahead of the story. Maybe put rewind or something?

After u put the gang fight scene, just continue and explain things later on in the story.

I was thinking that. I just wrote this post to see if anyone else had any ideas. And to see what people would like to see when they first read a story.

Yeah that seems like a good ide

I like that. Have you guys heard of Zezzy Montero takes on the world? It has the same thing.


Yeah, never read it. I will read it though thx

Not really. Where is it from? Episode or somewhere else?


Okay :ok_hand:

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I like your idea of jumping right into some of the action. I know for me a turn-off is lengthy character introductions. It is better to show a character’s personality and relationship to others rather than just say it, in my opinion,

I 100% agree! I always get a bit ugh when I se that’s how the author starts with introductions


Give each character a good back story and maybe add a cliff hanger on the end so people will want to read more. Introductions can be boring but not if you spread them out :slight_smile: