Help me please coding is confusing me on somethings

I need some help coding I am still new to it and have some questions.

What’s up?

Can you specify?
What questions do you have?

mind elaborating?

What questions do you have? We are happy to help you!

Like making characters leave at the same time, as well as when we allow readers to customize the characters, what if I don’t want them to change the name or certain features.

You can get limited CC from @Dara.Amarie and the code for making characters exit at the same time is:

@CHAR exits right AND CHAR2 exits left

cc is not changing name.

To change name you need to insert code for it… its called input. So if you do not have input in your code reader will not be able to change characters name.

If you need limited CC @Dara.Amarie has a thread where you can ask her for such cc if you dont know how to do it

To make charcters do simultanously somethind like leaving you can do it in 2 ways

by using &

&CHAR1 is animation ( or exits or what ever you want him to do
@CHAR2 is animation

by using AND

@CHAR1 is animation AND CHAR2 is animation

When you need to have characters leaving at the same time use this:


If you want to let readers customize but want some things to stay the same all you have to do is use before that choice so your reader can not do it. Or you can just simply remove that option.

ok thank you also how do you make it look like they are walking upstairs

Try this:

@CHARACTER walks to spot in seconds AND CHARACTER starts walk_stairs_up_loop

are we allowed to do blood splatter for a death scene

Avoid showing it too much and add warning before such scenes. Also allow readers to read a mild version if they are uncomfortable.

Ok it only has two blood spots nothing massive

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It’s technically against the guidelines to show blood without warning or a skip option. I think your safest option would be to provide a skip option, a read normal option, and a less bloody version :slight_smile:

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warning and skip options are not required by guidelines.
all content even the triggering one which you offer skip option MUST be in guidelines.

Guidelines alow blood overlays - they prohibit excessive usage of them.

No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / murder / torture / violence / gore / etc. This includes (but is not limited to): heavy or excessive use of blood or weapons or scars, use of dead bodies or body parts

Can someone help me with choices please?

Hmmm I actually do not see reason for this… try to delete the empty line 77 on which it points

and delete the empty line between the narrator and word choice - 65

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Could it be because of this :point_down:t2:?

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actualy its as far as I know OK to write it like this only problem is if you have empty line between the bracket and next choice.

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