Help me please i am a girl in need


PLEASE help ;-;


you need to close {

“Blue Bitch” .{
@KAZ is dustoff_loop
@pause for a beat
@KAZ changes into KAZ_nor21



on the line 300, delete one of }.


it still comes up with the same error x


try this:

} “The blood of my enemies lol jk” {
@KAZ is dustoff_loop
@pause for a beat
@KAZ changes into "KAZ_nor13

@KAZ is think


thank you sm, it worked :slight_smile: x


welcome :grin:


@MathildaPetriexx What is your story called?


I’m only on episode 2, ill let you know when it’s updated <3 message me ill send you to link so you could read episode one and the start of episode 2, if you want?


No its okay, I’ll wait until its officially published. If you need someone to make a good background for you I know someone who could really help ! :slight_smile:


that would be amazing, thank you so much? who is it x


A girl called @Bethany1. She is really good at backgrounds, she designed mine. She’s friendly and really fast at making backgrounds. I think you should go to her if you want a good background.


Thank you sm <3


@Brie_Smith aww thank you. :blue_heart::blue_heart:
@MathildaPetriexx if you need something let me know I’ll be happy to help if I can. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blush:


@Bethany1 No worries !


No problem, tysm <3