HELP ME Please! I am just so confused

hey! I was s just wondering, I installed episode before and it was fun plus I could chose from so many stories and even create my own on my phone… now I installed it again and I have like twenty stories I can choose from and I cannot create any story on my phone… what happened? have I missed something?

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What phone do you have and also do you have the latest update?

I guess so? and I have Huawei

In the top left hand corner when you click the three lines does it not say create?

no, there’s only option to go home or to settings…

Can you send a screenshot?

Oh. Have you tried reinstalling?

yeah, several times…

I’m about to check if newest episode updates support Huawei/work on Huawei hold on

okay, thanks

Click settings, click help, click contact us, click new and explain your problem. They should be able to help quickly :slight_smile:

okay, one more time, thanks :slight_smile:

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As in, within 3 business days? I got replied to in a day but idk

haha, I’ll try that out and we’ll see then

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you need a laptop i thought the same i just got a laptop and this is some work im trying to figure it out! hope i was helpful

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I’m assuming you’ve already sent in a ticket to the support team, but if not, you can do so here. :wink: