Help me please. I have a problem with some errors

I’m a new writer. And idk if I’m stupid or something, but in my character customization thing pops out error saying that there no eyebrows called Arched Natural exists. And i checked multiple times if the words are misspelled and everything was fine and then I checked if episode even has eyebrows named Arched Natural. And there are. I’m just confused.
(Sorry about my english. I bet there are lots of mistakes, but please help me.)

did you change everything to you’re characters name? (CHARACTER becomes you’re characters name (example monika)

Oh shit no. I’m actually stupid. Thank you. Love you.

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Highlight the template’s character’s name (such as FEM_1 or whatever), do CTRL+F, click on ALL, and then just type in what you want the character’s name to be.

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Thank you.

Solved and closed. Thanks!