Help me please i really need help

can anyone help me write in that mirror you are next with a blood stain please and please can it be 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall please

i can try if you wish!!

IS it like , u need to write using editor app of an animation in episode?

Yes exactly

no i asked u need a written background or you want a animation to write while people read the story?

Hi! You can use the app Phonto to make see through texts however you wish and download them as PNG images. Upload it on the portal and use the overlay on the mirror! It’s really simple.

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Pls I want the written back ground pls so it will be better can you help me with it please 640x1136talls pls

sure i will do
can you send in which background you need?

I already sent it on my post INT BATHROOM DAY on the mirror will be written with blood stain you are next


is this ok? If not i will do another !

Thanks so much is this 640x1136talks

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yeah !
if anymore help you need you can dm me in my instagram -_ angryybirdd _
and for more background and edits visit my shop

“angryybirdd’s background workshop”
I really provide realistic backgrounds, just give a try

are you a newbie?

Yes check my profile how long I have been here ok thanks once again

I will go to the shop now

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hey girl I’m creating right now with some edit works YOU can access it after 10 mins :blush:


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Please can you send a link for your shop please

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