Help me please, im confusion

See on iMessage how when someones typing, three dots pop up?
Ive seen people do this in stories and idk how? please help.

You can use an overlay?

Then scale each dot to replicate them moving.

Im not sure where to get the overlays.

You can find overlays in the art catolgue.
Writers Portal -> Art Catalog -> Overlays

If the overlay you want isn’t in the catalog, (in this case it isn’t ) you can upload an overlay. Ask someone to make one for you.

yeah ik that, ahah but idk where to find the specific overlay i need.

u can ask ppl in forums if they have it.

like how this is right now or u can look in search button for imessage overlay in forums.

Screenshot an iMessage chat where you can see the bubbles? Or recreate the bubbles in a photo-editing app with a transparent background.


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