Help me please it makes no sense

my story that I’m making is not turning out well bc it wont even allow me to create one. It just keeps saying that it is loading assists.

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can u send a picture or screenshot?

Omg this has happed to me! I dont know why it was so annoying i just quit


probably a glitch. how many times as it happened?

I think its the browser I was using honestly, bc it worked when i changed to chrome

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I don’t have a pic rn @animals1236 do you have one

yeah chrome is a good one to use.

how? I’m on a computer.

ooh ok, I’ll try

ever sense I signed up

what browser are you using? Chrome? Safari?

internet explorer

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use Google Chrome. So, go on google, and download Google Chrome. If you already have it on your computer, use it.

it’s working!! Thank you so much!

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np. :wink:

another question: how does the script work? I’m confused… sorry, I’ve never done this before.

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are u in the script area?

yea, it says that’s how to create the episode.

click it, it will give you a fresh new script for you to start your story.

I’m there, but I don’t know how to work it.