Help me please ugh

so i deleted episode about 4 months ago when i was trying to clear some storage and just recently i tried to download it again. i wrote down my username and password but imagine my shock when i see a pop up message saying, “it looks like you’re transferring android to ios.” what? i never owned a damn android ever and i started my account on an ipad. if i probably look back i can find some receipts. so i naturally just go try contact customer support but you need a support id but i dont have that!!


They “recalled” tons of devices that won’t be getting support on the app anymore, and that might be why :confused:

Check out this thread :rose:

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yea this isnt the issue because i wouldnt have been able to download episode at all

i already tried this… :confused:

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If you’re still having issue submitting a ticket because of the Support ID, just use six question marks instead. :smiley:

ahh thank you. i submitted the ticket with the support id of the account that was made when i downloaded it. please close this thread. :slight_smile:

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy

solved. please close thanks.

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Glad this was resolved. Closed :smiley: