Help me please with filter

Okay, I have been trying for the past hour and I don’t know what I am doing wrung!
I want to add a filter to my story but when I add it for some reason my hole scene before it and after is in the filter and I only want my new scene in the filter! Here is what I have:

@cut to zone 3


@SPENCER spot 0.840 177 157 AND SPENCER faces left

    SPENCER (yawn_bored)
(I did not sleep will at all last night!)
    SPENCER (arms_crossed_angry)
(I can't believe that asshole is working with Marten!)

We're going to do go flash back to last night when Tom showed Spencer the video!

@transition fade out white 2


@transition fade out white 2

FILTER: Black and White

@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Your filter will be enabled for every scene after this line

To turn off the filter, use “@reset hsl” or “@reset hsl in [# of seconds]”

@DAVE stands back right AND DAVE faces left

    DAVE (arms_crossed_angry)
(He better get his ass out here!)

You need to reset the filter in the new scene: @reset hsl in 0

Once you change the filter, your whole story will be like that until you reset the filter

Check this out:

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for before the filter scene?

When you test your story out and play through the filtered scene, your whole story will stay in that filter, but do not worry as this only happens when you play your story or restart the episode. Just play through the scene that resets the filter or refresh the page.

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Okay thank you I have been trying for like a hour know! I didn’t know what I was doing wrung. Thank you sooo much!