Help me please with this


Can someone write out who I would make a word flash be underlined and be blue!
It will say
Please don’t ask! (I want Please to be flashing underlined and blue…)


It would be:

CHARACTER (action)
| animation:flash , color:blue , underline |Please | reset | don’t ask!


Thank you so much!


No problem


Can I ask you another thing?


Yeah of course


I want readers to be able to change everything but the MC’s name hair color and eye color!
SO I deleted the name part and color parts but there is error’s know and I don’t know how to fix them!


Make sure you don’t have anything in the script that says [NAME] and make sure you get rid of the labels for the colors.


Can I send you what I have it says labels done exist and avatar_0 also


Like can I message you my script?


Yeah I think that’s best