Help me please :-)

hello, does anyone of you guys know some app i could edit with ?
like … i want to create videos like those on instagram
thanks :smile:

du recorder

mobizen screen

video splitter

Are more but if you type this name on magazin play it will shows you more.:wink:

not screen recorder apps, i mean the apps on computer that i could do the edit with

After effects is what I use

WonderShare Filmora


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Sorry, I didn’t hyperlink it.

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Lmao :joy:

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Lol. :rofl:

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Btw it’s almost Halloween lmao remember those creepy vids? LMAO :joy:

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it’s not free ?

okay thanks

It’s free.


Windows Live Movie Maker :nerd_face:

i tried to use but i have problems in uploading videos

i tried it but when i try to save the video either they say i need to pay or ‘wondershare filmora’ shows in the video

You don’t have to pay.

It’s like a option to get the FULL thing.