Help Me Please?

Hey everyone! I am going to buy the Unlimited Passes thing and really want to read some quality stories. So, if you are inclined, please post the name(s) of your absolute favorites! Be it a favorite out of your own stories or someone elses No genre is off limits :smile:
Thanks in advance,
:purple_heart: Cole

I’d say read;
The Infected
It’s absolutely amazing! The directing is spot-on and so is it’s plot.

There are also amazing stories that are recommended here


Thank you! do you know the Author? I’ll have to search it and I want to read the right one :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to post! I’ll def check out the story and the link!
I’m just sooo tired of reading badly written/directed/spellchecked stories… I don’t even really mind the cliches (done right). LOL

Thanks for recommending my story❤️
@ColeCatalyst, here’s the link to it if you want to read!

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Awesome! Thank you! Save me a lot of scrolling through randoms! LOL
From the title, I am looking forward to reading it! imo, a good title is a huge determining factor in whether or not I read a story.

If you like mafia style stories, I definitely recommend reading the stories by Miss MJ (Chain Reaction series and It’s Just an Illusion series) she is a great writer, I love her stories. Also Miss Aggie has some really great ones, and she studies the details of that lifestyle well so that they are written correctly.
Other than that I can recommend these stories that I love…
Pine Hollow by Elzbiet Zaleski @fcukforcookies (great story, interesting and original characters, strong plot, amazing directing)

I broke my rules for you and The girl upstairs by @Talu (both are stories unlike what I’ve read before, and are such sweet and beautiful stories)

Whiskey by MikaylaS

Not All Bad and Valiant by Penelope

Deep Attraction series and Bad Royals by Lady Dianna

There’s more but for the life of me I can’t think of them at the moment :thinking::joy:


Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll check them out :smile:

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Maternal Instincts by @EliseC is an amazing read!

I was going to recommend Caitoriri and Talu, but I see people already beat me to it!

Tevloikai is awesome, too, if you like Spotlight!


Yeah, since starting my book club at the beginning of the year, I too, have found some great stories. Plus, @ColeCatalyst, I list all the previously reviewed stories (we’re up to twenty) in the first post, along with their club score and review. (wink)

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Awesome! I’ll check it out! :smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion and for taking the time to respond! :smile:

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Also, if you like drama, my favorite story in the app is Reputation by @MiraTimesTwo

It’s set in Hollywood and is in the drama genre and honestly has the best characterization I’ve seen on any story in the app, from the most loveable characters to the most detestable ones. They’re all handled so beautifully and it’s probably one of the few stories on the app that has honestly made me cry (not because it’s a sad story, just because you get attached to the characters and it gets emotional).

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You are ah-mazing! Thank you! I’m tired of one sided characters (i.e. the popular* girl is mean to everyone but her boy toy- uhh, why is she popular if she treats everyone like crap?? the nerdy girl who dresses like she’s never seen a mirror gets a makeover by insert rando and is all of a sudden not seen as a nerd and loses all nerdy qualities… need I go on? :joy: )
The short of it is I want to fall in love with dynamic, multifaceted personalities that make me cry because I’m so absorbed in what happens to them! lol

*currently typing one handed and holding a baby lol

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