Help me plz idk how to use overlays commands


i need help moving an overlay


Okay you’d want to use the “@overlay ____ shifts to x y” command
After you finished creating the overlay (if you havent done so then do what it says below)

Creating an overlay

@overlay ______ create
@overlay ______ shifts to x y
@overlay ______ scales to _ _
@overlay ______ opacity 1

After creating one, you want to move the overlay by using the “@overlay _____ shifts to x y” command
Use the overlay tool so you can find the coordinates you want your overlay to move to.
If you want the overlay to move to that set spot in a specific amount of time then use:
@overlay ______ shifts to x y in [s]”.
Sorry if any of that sounded confusing, if you don’t understand I’ll try explaining again.


@overlay SHEETS create
@overlay SHEETS shifts to -662 -15
@overlay SHEETS scales to 3.346 3.346
@overlay SHEETS opacity 1

@pause for a beat

@overlay SHEETS shifts to -672 -388 in 0.5
@overlay SHEETS scales to 3.346 3.346


@Sanityyy i did this and still not working i can not even see it




Can you send me a screenshot of your script?


sry i am still soo confused since i am a bigginer and it is my first story


It’s fine, can you use the overlay tool to find it in your screen though?


Like, does it show the outline of the overlay? Maybe the overlay is out of frame


ohh ya thanks it worked but is there a way to make it work slower?


What do you mean by work slower?


like to move slower


Oh yeah,
@overlay _____ shifts to x y in [s]
Just punch in a number and you’re good to go.


k thx you was so kind i apreciate it


No problem xx