Help me quick plss

I’m having a total brain fart. I made this eye closing animation but I can’t figure out how to do an eye opening animation.

script eye opening:

&overlay EYE1 create
&overlay EYE1 opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.1
&overlay EYE1 opacity 0 in 0.1
@overlay EYE2 create
@overlay EYE2 opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.1
&overlay EYE2 opacity 0 in 0.1
@overlay EYE3 create
@overlay EYE3 opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.1
&overlay EYE3 opacity 0 in 0.1
@overlay EYE4 create
@overlay EYE4 opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.2
&overlay EYE4 opacity 0 in 0

eye 4 is the last one where its closed. but how do animate it opening and going back to eye 1?

U have to loop the overlays

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thanks! I’ll try

i understand how to loop 1 overlay. but how do i do that with this?

You should be able to do it all in reverse (reverse the sequence/replace 1 with 4, 2 with 3, 3 with 2, 4 with 1) to have the opposite effect, but if you want to have it constantly happening or happen several times, it’s better to loop it like @PrincessAnu said.

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How do i look it?

What I meant by reversed sequence. ^

For looping, instead of trying to explain it or write it all out, Farah’s post might help since it’s readily available:

You could substitute your overlay names into her code and test it to see if that’s what you want.

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I’ll go try it out right now

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I think I know what to do. thanks

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No problem!

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