Help Me represent Muslim Character Correctly

So, I’ve been told Muslim women do not have to wear the hijab around female friends. Is this true? Can I show my Muslim character without her hijab in the story if she’s at a sleepover? I don’t want to be offensive, I’m just not especially educated on this. Please help me!


okay I am not muslim. and I am sure someone here can give a better and more qulified answaer

but I had a friend some years ago who is muslim. she did waer a hijab at home. not even when we where there. she only had it if she went outside ( I think if they had male guests too)

Parents are muslim but I’m a guy, hijabis only wear the hijab around men who passed puberty. Non-strict muslims take their hijabs off around family & relatives but in most cases only if they’re your niece. If it’s all-women then ofc she can be hijab-less but must put it on before a man enters.