Help Me Rewrite A Scene Of My Story Please!

Someone please help!

Jamie: Hi Anna.
Anna is shocked
Anna: Jamie!!
Jamie: Hi cousin.
Anna looks at Jamie
Anna: so…
Anna: When did this happen?
Jamie: a year or two ago
Anna: Well…
Anna: I’m happy for you.
Jamie:thank you
Anna: However…
Jamie: However?
Anna: It kinda upsets me that you didn’t tell me as soon as it happened.
Jamie: its was hard for me, Anna. I’m sorry
Anna: You were the first person I trusted when I came out of the closet.
Jamie: its not The same Anna
Jamie:its one thing to come out
Jamie:its. Another to change your gender.
Anna: (Technically, you didn’t. Because you were always a girl.)
Anna: You could’ve still texted or called me over the years…
Jamie: …
Jamie:I’m really sorry
Jamie: I just thought you would understand
Jamie: I get bullied
Jamie: and my parents don’t understand
Jamie:I was scared
Jamie:I needed time
Anna: I do.
Anna: It’s just…
Anna: I’ve always felt I could trust you with anything.
Anna: And it kinda hurts realizing you don’t feel the same way.

(She does feel the same way. But she needed time to figure everything out. And it’s hard walking around while everybody looks at you like you’re some disease kind of )




I’ll help.

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KK! :heart:

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