Help me to find this story

I had read this story a long time ago…I don’t remember the whole plot…but there was a girl who was poor …lives with her siblings…she was chosen to participate to win the heart of prince…but she also had a bf and she was first upset being part of competition…no.of girls were selected for being the part of show…her bf later rebel to bring her back…there were 2 Li…the prince and her bf…later on she also started liking the prince…

I think it’s Breaking the royal kingdom

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Is it coming for the crown?


Yes. Same story, same author, it’s the episode original version, the community version she wrote was Breaking the royal kingdom. So it will definitely be one of them the poster is looking for


Tysm :heart: …i finally found it…

Tysm …:blue_heart:…now i’ll read in peace…

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lowkey reading this description and my brain went to the book series “the selection”… then i remembered we’re on an episode forum LOL.

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Hi everybody

I also need help finding a story.

The first part is about a girl that has a flower shop and works with her friend. One day, a rich man comes in with a cap so that he can hide from paparazzi. Apparently he’s pretty well known. He gets to know the girl (she has red hair but I don’t know her name… any names for that matter) and I’m not sure but I’m assuming he offered her a job: To decorate his brothers venue bcos the brother is getting married. He marries a blonde girl that is very mean (but she has a character arc and actually ends up being nice, only misunderstood). Sometime later they get an apartment together and I remember the scene where they were painting the walls, BUT she finds out she’s pregnant and runs away from him.

Second part is about her and her two twin girls. The twins go to separate schools, one has wavy red hair and is calmer and more of a goody-two-shoes, the other has curly red hair amd is pretty hot tempered. The rich man aka dad meets them randomly at a party (I really don’t know any more details but he eventually meets them without knowing they’re his daughters). Eventually at the end of the story, one of the girls gets engaged. Oh and they get a younger brother.

Funny how much I remember of this story, but forgot how it’s named.

Does anyone have a clue what the story’s name is?