Help Me To Make Digital Arts



Please tell me how to make digital arts on (sketchbook)


I can help you make edits/ digital art on your phone or tablet with 2 apps I know how to use really well they are : Bazaart and LINE brush :revolving_hearts: see my other post for more detail x
Just Pm if you decide to go down this route :revolving_hearts:


You can also try Ibis paint


If you’re using sketchbook, then you should probably use a pad pen.
If you don’t want to spend your money buying one, then you should try Ibis Paint X.
Just some tutorials for you:


I suggest posting this in the Art Section.


this is not digital art


Oh! do you mean realistic art? on mobile? If so, then you should ask someone who’s an expert with it.
But I do still recommend using a pad pen for sketchbook
(P.S., it is digital art, it’s just episode styled. just throwing that out there, not to be rude :sweat_smile:)


I dont have padpen::persevere:


that’s okay, I just recommend it because I got really fat fingers :joy:
you don’t really need it, you just need to be precise.