Help me translate this

So my character speaks Portuguese, but i don’t wanna just google translate the sentence that i wanna use since it might get it wrong.

Here’s the sentence i want to translate into Portuguese:
“I’m needed here as much as you are, jerk.”

Please translate it as accurate as possible!

Thank you so much! :heartbeat:


Idk if you still needing, but…
If is a woman saying this:
“Eu sou necessária aqui tanto quanto você, idiota.”

If it’s a man:
“Eu sou necessário aqui tanto quanto você, idiota.”


Translation: Eu sou necessário aqui tanto quanto você, idiota.
A Small Tip: You can use Google translate. Just do one thing, when you translate from English to Portuguese, translate it back from Portuguese to English, to re-check the result Google gave you. It will clear your doubts as to whether the results are right.

Hope this helps in any way :blush: