HELP ME URGENTLY- I can’t read Episode stories

Yes I sent a ticket to support. But… :weary: I’m bored! I have nothing to do if I don’t read - since my kids are occupying tv-s during the day.

So my problem is different then others have it - as far as I read this category’s threads. And I already followed all possible solutions to fix it, but doesn’t help.

What exactly is my problem? Well it affects some stories and not all. Mostly limelight :thinking: I wonder why not inks?

When I open the app, progress of stories is shown the way it should be. But when I open stories, I’m send to beginning of chapter 1. Even if I start reading a story now, when I reopen the app I’m reading chapter 1 again. And no story has a replay option anymore.

I deleted app, restored my phone, reinstalled the app… same thing. I logged out - and went to use other apps on my phone meanwhile- when I opened the app again, I was automatically logged in.

Then I logged out and logged in with another profile - I named my profile, customized it and checked: recommended list was empty. Good. I checked my favorites- and there were all Jones favorites. Then I saw above there are also Jones’s gems and free passes. Then I checked settings - there were Jones’s Id and other info! Even though I was logged in with another account. Closed the app and after awhile I opened it again only to see I’m logged in as Jones and not as new account.

This in frustrating. Not able to read. :sob::sob::sob: Can you please notify anyone to help me urgently?? :sob::sob::sob:

Must I really say goodbye to Episode? :sob::sob::sob:

You already did the best and most helpful thing you can by submitting a ticket. All the luck to you and I hope it works out :sunglasses:

Oooh Jeremy :sob::sob::sob::sob: you have no idea how it feels :sob::sob::sob::sob: Can you tell them to hurry? :sob::sob::sob:

Errr…I can…but telling someone who is working on a Sunday that they need to hurry it up? Prob not going to go over well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For me those 2 days feel like 2 years :sob:

Your account seems to be related to your gmail or apple account so it’s why it relog automatically on the account you have problem with? If you tried to log out from your account on the phone maybe it’ll let you stay connected with the new episode account? :thinking:

Dunno if i’m clear ? :sweat_smile:


Maybe yes, but I don’t want new account since I have many stories. I was only testing the new account option.

I have a feeling something else is happening- like Episode is running constantly even when it’s closed. I have iPhone. I’m not sure is there any option to stop it running in background? Like it’s always opened…

PM me the ticket # if you can.


You may have to go directly through your application to force stop it. And change for it to not run in backgroung. But without changing completly just try with another account ? Just to see if it’s really your account the problem.
Have you tried to log with another cellphone? :thinking:


Did you get it? :see_no_evil:

I check in app settings background running apps and I have it disabled.

I tried logging in with another phone, but I have only android and it not possible (already logged in another platform).

In few days I’m buying new iPhone. I’ll try there :disappointed:

Yeah is happening to me too, only in LL tho not INK :joy::joy:well I prefer INK anyway
I sent a ticket weeks ago and they told me to restart episode…nothing changed

Ooh i see.
Hope it’ll work with the IPhone then :slight_smile:

Mostly limelight yeah, and not much ink stories. But I read only Limelight :weary:

well while you have this problem I would suggest evocation and war dogs amazing advance directing :blush:

What’s that? I don’t understand the meaning :see_no_evil:

Like those are stories in episode :joy: really amazing

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Can’t read :sob::sob::sob:

You can’t read any story? not even ink? :thinking: