Help me w/ coding :(

i’ve been to dara’s forum post about overlays and it didn’t help me w/ the situation im having right now.

here’s my script:

so apparently my background is “non existent” when i got it approved



and my overlays are making me so mad

screenshots of overlay thingy


if you fix this mess for me then thank you so much xx

Copy the bg title from the image that was approved and paste that in your script (does that make sense?)

Did you add the opactiy? After the &overlay ANDIE AND DAKOTS shifts to… add in
@overlay ANDIE AND DAKOTA opacity 1 in 0

You’re getting the “background doesn’t exist” error message because of the line right under that. Overlays cannot have the word “AND” in their name. The script thinks you’re using the “and” command. You will need to reupload that overlay with a different name without using “and” in the name. Once you change the name, both errors will go away.

I agree with @Dara.Amarie ! Your going to have to change the name of the overlay so it doesn’t think your “and” command

thats what i was thinking. thank you!

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