Help me w some ideas!

Okay hello, I juste need some help from my story, I just want to know how someone finds out that she/he is adopted? And not that her/his foster parents tell it but that they find it out by themself. That’s what’s gonna happen in my story and I just want it to feel real and something that could happen in real life.

Also another thing, in my story it’s four sisters named by the seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn) and do you have any ideas what their parents can be called? Like not just “Bill” or smth but something in style of the seasons if you understand!
All ideas are very helpful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For her to find out that she’s adopted maybe her mom told her to get something in her room or the attic and it’s her birth certificate and her mother’s name is not on there
For the parents names I’m not sure :sweat_smile:

Maybe they’re name could be Summer,winter,autumn in a different language like Greek or Latin

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How about Rain and Maple?

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Or like what if they’re doing legal work (e.g a job interview, getting their passport) and the person who’s helping them notices their last name? Like maybe a relative or somehing?

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