Help me with a description?!?!?!<3

heyyyy can y’all help me with a description? i’ll credit you🤍

description: Grace Ford wakes up from a year and a half long coma caused by a car accident she finds that her best friend who was behind the wheel is dead and everyone has moved on thinking that she would never wake up she is then sent to a facility made for major injuries that require physical therapy she finds herself having no hope and doesn’t want to go through her treatment so she stops trying but Milo a a foot ball player with a spine injury takes notice and changes her views and helps her regain hope.

sorry for that super bad grammar but i need this asap so i didn’t try lmao Anyway like i said if you have any ideas i’ll credit you<3 thanks loves.

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After a tragic accident no one thought Grace would be able to recover. A mental facility, major injuries and no hope. That all changed when she met him. Would he be able to return her to her former self? Or will she forever be lost in the incident that changed her life forever?

THIS IS SO TRASH IM SO SORRY and its probably too long but hope i helped a bit <3


Grace Ford - the person who everyone assumed was still asleep in a coma, at a facility for major injuries. No one believed that she was capable of recovering, not even Grace herself. That is, until she met him. Will he be able to help her truly, believe? Or will she lose herself in her past?

sorry this is so bad & long, but i hope uu like it ! :pleading_face:

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no, no it’s cool i’ll use this when i post it on instagram. how can i credit?

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i’ll shorten it to put as my actual description if that’s okay

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u dont need to credit me and yeah ik its long :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:

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