Help me with a description!

Hello! I am writing a book and need a good description but I am bad at descriptions. The book is about an 18 yr old boy named Charlie who is 2nd in line to be a king. It takes place in the year 1970 onward and in Britain! He is sent through a self defense class with a 23 yr old girl who works for the government and trains him. His current girlfriend and best friend had secretly been spies and he figured out, resulting in them attempting to murder Charlie. After this, Charlie begs his family to hire the girl training him and they reluctantly agree. Eventually, he asks her out but she rejects him because she doesn’t do relationships after a heartbreak. After this, he decides to go to college in the US, quickly becoming a celebrity for his Charisma. Flash forward a year into the future, the two meet again, and quickly fall in love with each other.

as you can see this book has many plot points so its super hard for me to form a description

any help?

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Hey! :tulip: Love your story idea! Here are some title suggestions from my Story Title Shop:

  • Twice In A Lifetime
  • Blueblood
  • Ends And Beginnings
  • Back To You
  • I Still Remember

Here are my description ideas for you:

  • After moving overseas he never thought he would see her again. Being second in line for the British throne comes with a lot of sacrifices. Maybe this time they can find their way to each other?

  • She broke his heart once but also saved him from getting assassinated. Will the old spark still be there when they meet again or will his royal blood get in the way?

Do any of these work for you? I could try and come up with something else :hugs:

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