Help me with a minigame and point system please!

So I think before a minigame is needed to set points to 0 right? I just set points to 0, otherwise my minigame didn’t work, but how it gets back to the points the reader had?
The total of points the reader can earn on my chapter are 7, but at the end it only shows 4 because the 3 first points were lost after setting points to 0 for the minigame. I’m really losing my head because of this :frowning_face:

I would recommend dividing the point system in 2, meaning you’ll need an extra character you add points to just for mini games. That way you won’t confuse them with the main points in the story. :slight_smile:

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Okay I understand! And is there some way to add the minigame points to the main points? I’m so confused :cry:

Actually– you won’t need to do that. Because this: :point_down: is not true.

You only need to set the points to 0 when the game can be replayed, If it’s just a one time go, then you don’t need to do it and can add the points directly to the main points. :slight_smile:

This is what I would do, and actually do for a separate reason.

Have two point systems (characters), for example: Main Points and Mini Game Points

It sounds like you want to add points to the main system with the mini-game, without resetting the main points, so I would try this. For every mini-game point ALSO include earning a main point. So it may look something like this in the coding:


So now when you start the mini-game points to 0 it won’t reset your main points, the only thing I could see working against this system though is if you can reset the game. If that is the case, you might need to use gains and maybe another point system to make that work.

Hopefully I helped a little, I was just passing through the forum and thought I’d pop in since I’m kinda trying to figure out something similar for myself :sweat_smile:

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As everyone else has suggested, use a separate character for your mini games and at the end of the game, use “if” to add the appropriate number of points onto the character you’re recording points with.

So if you can get a total of 4 points:


Really helped me!!! Thank you so much

That’s what I’m gonna do! Thank you so much

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