Help me with a sound error pls?

I wanted to use sounds and music on my story.

I tried using the door knock sound while my narrator says “KNOCK KNOCK”
but for some reason it doesn’t work.


i dunno if it’s because sounds cant be used with dialogues.

As far as my knowledge of sounds go, i believe i tried most things, including the volume and i even added that “pause for a beat” there, lolll.

Any tips?

Sound off should be at the very start of the line near 1650. The reason the sound does not align with your text is because you used @pause for a beat.
Try this:
sound door_knock
Knock Knock
@pause for a beat
sound off


It still didn’t work,


I tried without spacing, like you put on your reply, then i tried with this spacing,

Your issue is with the narrator line 1646. Try to write knock knock without the caps. The script is mistaking it for a character. You can also try to add a period at the end of knock knock to see if that’ll work as well.

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it worked. i tried to put a period at the end, thank you!!

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You’re welcome! :heart:

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