Help me with a story title?

I need a title for my new story guys
The plot is:
Iris is descended from the Flora bloodline (flower) not knowing what she is, she was in the hospital for a month and when she got out things just got worse. What happens when the person your supposed to spend the rest of your life with finds you in the woods.

Secrets, lies, ex lovers, and the past will all be uncovered.

Ps. Iris is a immortal witch and her lover is a vampire/werewolf.


Maybe “Revealing secrets” or “Finding past” or “secrets discovered”

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What about finding reality? She it’s also a play on words as she is a witch, which isn’t reality, but uncovering secrets is finding the reality? Lol that probably doesn’t make sense

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Here are my ideas

  • She was found in the woods
  • Secrets, lies and immortality
  • What’s in the Unknown
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I really like the secrets, lies, and immortality

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I don’t have title name but, I like the story idea! Can you please tag me when it’s out?

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