Help me with an overlay


I’m writing a story on Episode, and I need an overlay of a car I’m going to use to my story.
If there is someone that can make it as an overlay for me, please tell me, and I’ll give credit if you make it.
Or you can simply suggest me programs that help you to make overlays.
The type of car is Karlmann King and color black.


Here you go! Don’t forget to give me credit!


Omg, thank you so much! I really love it! Please, if you have IG write me your name here so I can give you credit on IG too!


Uh, I’m sorry, but what’s IG? Do you mean Instagram?




Oh, I’m sorry, lost my account…


It’s okay, I’ll give you credit with the name you have here and I;ll tell people to check your profile<3


@Ryan can you please close this? Thanks!


Hey, if you ever need an overlay again you can talk with me! :wink:
Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio!
I also make backgrounds, splashes and covers!
Dani :black_heart:


@daniepisodewriter following you on instagram right away!


Thanks! :blush: