Help me with character overlay

I need help. So I want two characters kissing in the background but it went kind of wrong…

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&CHARACTER1 spot 1.28 118 100 and CHARACTER1 faces right
&CHARACTER2 spot 1.28 200 100 and CHARACTER2 faces right
&CHARACTER1 moves to layer 1
&CHARACTER2 moves to layer 2

&CHARACTER1 starts kiss_passionate_loop
@CHARACTER2 starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear

Which one is character 1 and which one is character 2???

it doesn’t matter.

Put FIONA at layer 2 and put MATT at layer 1

So he’s behind her.

Can use:

@FIONA moves to layer 2
@MATT moves to layer 1

Or put it as a part of the command:

Ex. @CHAR spot % X Y in zone # at layer # …

@MATT moves to layer 1
@FIONA moves to layer 2

Example for you (I’m assuming they’re both in zone 2):

&FIONA spot 0.663 96 222 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND FIONA faces right AND FIONA is kiss_passionate_loop_rear
&MATT spot 0.684 64 221 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND MATT faces right AND MATT is kiss_passionate_loop

I’m a little confused right now. It keeps saying the body is unclear…

What’s it showing?

I dont know why


Can u show the part of ur script where there’s an error?


I understand you’re frustrated but we can solve it, don’t worry :heart:

Oh you put it it in all caps. It does that when you write everything in capitals.

btw, it worked. Thanks

Ha ha NP :sunglasses: