Help me with characters. Please

Hi everyone.
I need someone to email with descriptions of several people I need for my story. Don’t care what they look like or race or anything. Just need some help please. Here’s their names:

Ashton (girl and is straight)

Xavier (guy and is straight)

Dad (guy and is straight)

David (guy and is straight)

Chloe (girl and is straight)

Ana (girl and is straight)

Sebastian (guy and is straight)

Jason (guy and is gay)

Jack (guy and is gay)

My email is
Thanks everyone

Hi @Deathcrusher. I have gone ahead and moved your topic to the Directing Help & Tips section as that is what you are requesting. Please review our forum tutorial for more information on where to correctly create topics on the forums. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

How about CC for MC? Others can be random.

Don’t know how to do that

You can use this to give readers option to CC.

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