Help me with choices



Can anyone help me with choices on changing outfits for my readers

Please and Thanks


R u doing it on website or on the app?




Here you can find templates for your script.


So do you want the reader to be able to choose their outfit?


Let me screenshot it


yes I do and if you can help thank you very much


Here’s a template by @Dara.Amarie for letting the resders choose their outfit:


okay thank you


Thank you




Thank you


no worries but thank you for trying


Just open the website, Open your story and tap the script template below the character on your right. The search for Choice-Outfit or something like that.


No problem. PM me if you have any more questions. :wink:


I actually do have another question


What is it? You can PM me it or ask it here. :slight_smile:

  1. what is pm

  2. so when I’m doing dressing choices I choose the three outfits ?

  1. A PM is a private message.

  2. Yes, or you can add more outfits.


Closing as the initial question seems to have been resolved! Cheers :slight_smile: