Help me with covers Big and small

I need a cover My story is about a girl who is going to a performing arts school it’s called path to fame and she just wants to be famous but doesn’t understand how much effort it takes to get there someone please help. :grin::grin:

Hi! I’m not an editor but if you go on episode side of instagram there are plenty of editors with requests open. There are some amazing ones but keep in mind some of the editors could take quite a while or may require you to pay for it but there are some great editiors who do it for free and can do edits really quickly it’s just the case of finding the right person

Hope this helped a little

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Moved to the Community Resources section as that’s where art exchanges/requests live. Carry on! :v:

Hi, I can make a cover for you, It can take a few weeks before it is done/I can make it. If you want you can dm me on instagram (if you have) @megantinista.episode.

I also can do a request for you if you want. My post is called Fast Cover Arts 2.

Do you still need help with the cover? I can help you if you want.

It has already been handled with but thanks for suggesting to help. :grin::grin:

Aww it’s okay. I’m glad to be of help. Do you need splashes cause I make splashes.

Actually you can thanks for asking also can you make a background with a bed the front view not the side view they have in episode where you can only see the side but like where you can see the pillows and the bedsheets and that’s it

Sure I actually have one. Do you have any particular colors you want the bed to be?

Nope any color you have will be fine. Hey also can you do majority of my spalshbacks and backgrounds that I need when I don’t like using some of the backgrounds on episode so if you have an insta it would be great so I can message you easier!

Sure! I could do some editing for you! My Instagram is @episode_afra
So follow me there and we can talk easier. :slight_smile:

I only have something like this:

I also have this one:

I remember I had one but I just can’t find it!
I also have color variations of this background if you need it.
And I’m not the creator if you do use it please credit @pamelac.stories for the first one and @smg.episode for the second one.

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