Help me with directing overlay

@pause for a beat

EXT. ROAD is this btw -

and I have these 2 cars

So I need the taxi to be driving normally along the road when the blue car rams into it and when the impact happens to show this

shown here, but you probably won’t see it.

I listed and shown all the items so it can be easier to explain how I’m about to get to doing what I’ve just explained.

The first problem occured when I wanted to make the car to be facing the other side and be across instead of going down/up and that’s where I stopped becuase everybody kept saying something about rotating the car but that’s not what I wanted.

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What they probably meant by rotating it was to have the car turn a little as it went around the bend to make it look smoother as it went into the crash. I know that @Dara.Amarie has a lot of good tips and experience with overlays and animating them maybe she can help!

Oh right nevermind I already gave up and asked for a straight road to be made so I wont need to use rotation in this way.

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