Help me with English Grammar

Hi, I’m writing a story on Episode, and I was wondering if there is someone that can help me a bit with the English grammar. English isn’t my primary language. Of course I know English, I’ve also done a lot of English tests in England to see in what level my English is and I always have taken the greatest marks, but again, there are times that I get confused and I’m not sure what to use, except that I know 3 other languages (with the exception of my primary language).
The question is, is there anyone that can help me?

i can help you my primary language is english

OMG, thank you so much. Do you any instagram so we can communicate from there? If yes, please add me meela.episode

i use insatgram a lot but i use it on the computer so i can’t do direct messages but you can email me or maybe i would love for you to join my writing group i own it so i just started it a little while ago

also if you want to join what role do you want to do

I’ve never been in a writing group, or reading group before, so can you explain me what you actually do there?

i need someone tooooooooooooo :disappointed_relieved:

well all the members if you need it we can help you if you join you will have different roles like art creator director coder and stuff like that and well we will make stories together like as a group

you can also be in my writing group if you want

I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

I can help :blush:

yeah maybe you could join our writing group that would be nice i only have a couple members because i just started the group a little while ago

Sure what exactly is a writing group?

ok ho can we do that? do you need to read my story but ho change all the errors, i don’t know how it works
I have one episode ready, but there are some litte stupid errors is an language errors, but they have to go away before i can publish

Iff you open a new story on your writal portal and i e-mail you the script you can put in in there, read in in your writal portal, change the stuff and e-mail me back, that is an option No???

i will talk later

Yes perfect!

PM me for my email

Ok never mind I thought I didn’t have my charger but I do so I can keep talking false alarm

Well, I would love to join your writing group and I can be an art creator

hello everyone , my name is amelia i am writting a story on episode but i am not that good at english language
so can anyone help me with my mistakes at grammar ?

ok i can help you