Help me with homework!

Okay, so, this is my homework.

Someone took the last cookie in the cookie jar last night.
The last person to leave the scene is the culprit. Who was it?
The Butler walks to work
The Handyman rides a bike
The Cook rides a motorcycle
The Maid drives a car
The Nephew has a seeing-eye dog

Who left first
Who left second
Who left third
Who left fourth
Who is the culprit?
HELPPPPPP! (Dont worry im not cheating, we were supposed to work on it today with whoever we wanted but unfortunatly school is cancelled due to snow)


I think that’s the layering of the traces the key.

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The culprit should be the Nephew, but, I don’t know if this counts, he’s blind so he couldn’t take the biscuit. Maybe that’s just a silly thing, but I think it should be either the nephew or the butler. I’m not English native speaker so I don’t really get what you mean with a seeing-eye dog. I supposed it was the guide dog for blind people but I could be terribly wrong!


Never mind I just realised it says:

So it should be the nephew.

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Yo why tf wasn’t my homework that cool—

I agree with Donut on the answers.

That must’ve been one good cookie if it started an investigation. :upside_down_face:


Exactly what I’m thinking now.
while I’m translating Latin :upside_down_face:


LMAO the fact of the matter is I take Earth Science (9th grade class) so honestly idk

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This may be my Brit brain taking but what subject is this meant to be exactly? :joy:

Earth Science

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I have absolutely no idea what that is :rofl:


How do they know the last person to leave took the cookie? No one was left to witness the taking of the cookie.

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I want Hw like this :(( I’ve done this before in summer camp, but forgot the answer. I’ll have to think about it

Even though you already have the answer, here’s the explanation.

Relating this to episode, you look at the layers. I will be labelling the layers 1 to 5, 5 being the top layer.

The tyre tracks, which belong to the car, are on the bottom [1st] layer; therefore, the maid left first.
The bike tracks are above the car but below the motorcycle tracks, so the handyman left second.
The motorcycle tracks are above the car and bike tracks but below the footsteps and paw prints so the cook left third.
The green set of footsteps are above everything already listed, therefore, the butler was the fourth to leave.
The paw prints and red footsteps are on the 5th layer, meaning that it was above everyone else’s. The nephew was the last to leave.

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