Help me with ideas for art!

Okay, so, I need some assistance right now. I’m stressed, and art calms me down. Just one problem: What themes should my art be??

I’m really asking for themes with my art, please help me! Thank you so much for viewing this thread even if you don’t have ideas.

And thanks to @Josca and @EllasStorys for helping me at first!


Would you like more of a theme or do people work??

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Idk lol

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Both would be appreciated! (Episode characters if you can.)

Lolz, thanks!!

Ok so idk if this is gonna work but it might be cool to try to turn Kakihara from Ichi the killer into an episode edit!

Yakuza themed (big ass cool tattoos and suits all the way), makeup guru, witch, lord of the rings (so many strange characters you could choose from)… I’m starting to run out of ideas hah

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Bird theme? (Lol Im watching Rio rn that’s where I got the idea :joy:)

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Spring themed
Swimming themed
Snow themed
Princess themed
Queen themed :joy:
Favorite author themed
Bsf edit themed
Animal themed

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I think scenery helps with building up the ability to make things seem real, so it will help your overall artwork if you just go outside, sit on a hill and draw what you see. It’s really calming and you just get a feeling of content or satisfactory because what you’re doing is peaceful. I recommend going really early in the morning (like 4 or 5) its more peaceful then since the birds and wildlife are just waking up or smth so you can really hear the nature. But it’s also better to go in the mornings because (in my opinion) going at night is way to scary. And plus, you can sorta see the sun waking up and the sky yawning - you’ll get what I mean. It feels quite fresh too.

I hope this helped, you don’t have to do it of course. Maybe you’ll enjoy it. :smile: :two_hearts:
Tell me what you think if you try it. x

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Outdoorsy Themed:

  • Person Riding Horse/Standing Next To Horse
  • Person Camping
  • Person Eating Marshmallows On A Stick
  • Person Shocked By Seeing Bear

Animal Themed:

  • Bear Person
  • Giraffe Person
  • Unicorn Person
  • Cat Person
  • Monkey Person
  • Fox Person
  • Dog Person
  • Turtle Person

Fantasy Themed:

  • Witch Looking Into Crystal Ball
  • Elf or Fairy Standing Next To Unicorn
  • Witch On A Broom
  • Two Witches Doing Magic Together
  • Harpy
  • Dragon Trainer

Spooky Themed:

  • Make A Scene From Your Favourite Horror Movie With Episode Themed Drawings
  • Biggest Fear In The Form Of A Person
  • Spider Woman
  • Straightjacket
  • Scary Smile
  • No Eyes

That’s all I can think of. And most of these you should be able to use episode characters as a base with and add your own creative thingies.


Did you already manage to make something? :slight_smile: It was really late here, so I went to sleep :joy: There’s a lot of nice options here! :open_mouth:

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I’m making something now and then I’m gonna post it here.

Hopefully these will come to good use!


Great! :smile: Good luck! <3

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Thanks so much to @Josca and @EllasStorys for the idea for art!!

A wood nymph/fairy/fantasy theme! Credit goes to them for the theme idea.


Oooh I love it, good job!! :heart_eyes:

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