Help me with mobile creation story



Hey I am making a story on my phone please help me with how I can make a next episode and how to publish it!


**New Episode **
Click on it😉 and you will get to new Episode


Thanks and can you help me where I need to add the prop?


the first part of your question seems to be answered, as for the second part i believe you can only publish a story on laptop/computer


:thinking:I am not sure I understand your question :no_mouth:
(My English is bad😅)


Can you speak dutch


That’s not fair :disappointed:


Nope😶 sorry
But do you meant like holding a gun / a cup? Then its only can do on writer portal


how can you make a story? I’ve bee trying to figure it out but i can’t


Step 1.go to episide
Step 2.if you have an acc then click on it.
Step 3. Click on story I published
And then you can write