Help me with my BIG DILEMMA please :(

Hi y’all !

I recently switched to IOS, so I can no longer use my old profile on the Episode app, so I created a new one. On the other hand, I still have my account with my stories, my overlays etc on the Episode Writer Portal. My problem is that I hesitate between two solutions :

  • Keep my old episode account on the Portal and test my stories with the link “share with friends”, but I would therefore never have access to my profile on the Episode app;
  • Recreate a new Writer Portal account matching with my new profile on the Episode App and have to re-upload all my overlays, backgrounds, characters (around 200 elements).

What should I do ? I’m lost T-T

Can read more here: HOW TO: Deal with the 'Game State on a different platform' error message 🌹

So send in a ticket to Episode Support explaining your situation.

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