Help me with my coding something is wrong

Okay so I tried to do a question game like a dressing game, where you can ask questions and if you’re done, you can press done and go but there is a script error that says “Unexpected garbage: This text on this line does not follow our formatting”. My code looks like this:

lable question_game

What should I ask?

#question 1” {


} “#question 2” {


} “#question 3” {


&LUNA is idle
@zoom on 21 327 to 271% in 0
@speechbubble is 194 240 to 100% with tail_top_left

    LUCIAN (talk_agree_happy)
Do you have any questions?

“I have more questions.” {

@zoom on 176 315 to 317% in 0
&LUCIAN is idle
@speechbubble is 141 234 to 100% with tail_top_right

&LUNA is think_rubchin

@speechbubble reset

goto question_game

} “I’m done asking questions.” {


@speechbubble is 141 234 to 100% with tail_top_right

    LUNA (talk_agree_happy)
I'm done asking questions.

In the script section I didn’t put any goto question_game or anything. I don’t know what’s the problem can someone help?

You spelt label wrong :relaxed:

omg i can’t believe it was something that simple. THANK YOU SO MUUUUCH OMGOMOG

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