Help me with my confusion!

okay so i want to duplicate the mc which is customized by the readers. so how am i suppose to remember or copy the character?
well it is like mc sees her clones so how am i suppose to make the clones look like the mc which the readers have customized?

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or you can use command @TWINMC becomes MC
(after the customization)

β†’ where TWINMC is the duplicate character and it can even look like that generic character from portal
β†’ and MC will be your MC you want to make twin of

as for TWINMC and MC of course, you change for the names of your characters, and with that command, a duplicated character will look exactly the same as a customized MC.

It’s good for mirrored scene, flashbacks, evil twin looking exactly the same, etc. :smiling_face:


oh okay thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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