Help Me With My Fantasy Story

Hey, you wonderful people! I’m planning on writing a story called ‘Be-witch-ed’ and I need some help with it.

PLOT: It’s about a high school girl who has weird nightmares/dreams about a mysterious queen. She ignores it and continues with her life. One day, her (foster) mom tells her that they’re moving away tomorrow and she needs to pack all her things. As some of her things from her childhood in the basement, she heads there. She, then, finds a secret doorway and enters it. She comes to a realm called ‘Arkya’. She finds out that she’s the incredible witch’s daughter and she is the only hope to save Arkya from their enemies…

How is the plot?

  • It’s good
  • It’s bad (tell me how I can improve it)
  • It’s okay

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Is the title appropriate?

  • Yes
  • No (suggest a title)
  • Maybe

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Can you create a description for it?

  • Yes (suggest below)
  • No
  • Maybe (suggest below)

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Who are the enemies?

People from another realm.

But like, what’s their motivation? What are they doing wrong? Why are they the bad guys?

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The ‘bad guys’ are selfish and greedy. They are hungry for power and are attacking other realms to gain power.

The Queen of Arkya refused to help them and the realm is getting attacked.

The plot is really interesting, the only reason why I voted for “it’s ok” and not “it’s good” is because I’ve seen this a dozen times already. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’m a sucker for regular-girls-turned-heroes stories so I’ll probably read it anyway, but you have to keep in mind that you have a huge competition and that for being seen you really need to stand out!


Oh, okay, thanks for telling me.

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I came up with descriptions. I don’t know if they’re good enough:

  • When you discover a secret doorway in your basement to a magical realm, you find out that you are their only hope…

  • Finding a secret doorway, entering Arkya and finding out that you’re their only hope is hard to believe. Will you help the people or back out?


The second one’s good; I’m using it.

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but every “bad guy” has BIGGER motivation
Why they collect power?

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I don’t get it… Why she was dreaming about queen maybe someone else who wants her HELP

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This might offend you, so I apologize in advance 😅

Hello there, so I’m actually in for your story. However, I did not vote that it’s good. The plot is okay; but for me, the flow I saw in your latter above is… um, no offense but it’s kind of the plot that I would consider ‘overused’. Again, no offense please don’t be angry at me >-< I mean, your settlements are good but I have actually read books like this in Wattpad which are terribly written lel. So much for this, it’s not really something you should worry about as the author. I suggest making it as unique as you can, with plot twists going on that will keep your readers on the hook.

P.S. With your amazing title, I’m sure you can catch some readers there. Anyway, people (I) like that kind of fantasy I think xD

P.P.S. I’m flabbergasted by that title :eyes::heart:

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The people of that realm follow their leader. The leader wants to rule the world.

That sounds stupid, but that’s the only thing I could think of…

I can’t give you all the details…

Thank you. It’s not offensive. I’ll try to improve the plot a bit more.

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Does this leader have a backstory then? :smiley:

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sighs in relief Tell me when you publish your story :smiley:

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