Help me with my fictional historical Chinese story!

Hello everyone,

I am planning on writing a fictional historical Chinese story, but I’m worried if I upset some readers with things?

I do not know anything related to Chinese religion, culture or history nor do I really plan on putting it in my story much. (I only will write the things I know).
I will be sure to tell the readers that of course!
I am not Chinese, nor do I know anyone who are.

My story did not take place in any real event. The countries/cities they live in will be made up as well.
I was inspired by many historical Chinese series I have watched, but in my story the characters, places and occurrences have no associations with historical facts and are purely my inspirations.

Their names will be in Chinese, but will be written their first names then last, but if one is called out by their full name they will be called by their last then first.

Due to limited images and backgrounds, most appearances won’t be located in China. (It’s not easy to find free backgrounds lol)

Due to limited outfits and hairs, I had to change the plot.

I was thinking:
Men who are not married must have long hair. Men who are married must cut their hair. Men wear’s pants and shirts on normal occasions.
Men with a high position will be wearing robes. (who work under the King and more)

Women who are not married must have their hair out. Women who are married must have their hair up. Women wears dresses, they’re not allowed to wear pants.
Women are not allowed to go to school, or to war. They’re only considered as housewives or certain workers. (as I read the fictional historical stories, men were the only ones who can study and learn how to fight.)
Women with a high position or who are rich (Queen, Princess) wears gold jewelry.

A short part of my story:
Ari (the MC) wants to find out the truth behinds her mother’s death. She finds her target, only to see that they enter a royal school.

Her mother gave birth to triplets. One son and 2 daughters, but her son was born very ill. After her brother passed away from an illness, Ari’s mother only way to live was to lie about her sons death. She said that he daughter Ari was the one who passed away instead. She raised Ari like a son and that’s how Ari took Hari’s (her bothers name) identity. So in the story Ari will be called Hari instead, her personality will act a lot like a man, she knows how to fight and can take care of herself. Her younger twin sister, Eri, is the complete opposite.

She enters the school disguised as a man (which you know is against their law for women to learn knowledge, women were only allowed to learn how to be better wives.). She is somewhat an assassin? (couldn’t find a better word), she doesn’t like to kill, but only does it when she has to (such as self defense or protecting the ones she care for.). Usually people call her a spy.

Somewhat in the end she will be found out that she’s a woman. She will inspire women and men to allow women to go to school and become part of the army! (I’m a female so of course I’ll add this in xD)

When I write this story, I WILL be writing all of this information in the beginning for the readers to understand that, although this story is historical, it is not based of a true story and just made up (aka fictional).

BTW I will be adding dark skin toned characters and ones with bright eye color. I know not all Chinese characters are bright skin toned and black/brown eyes. And I will be add more natural haired characters such as light brown, blonde, orange… etc.

I also wanted to name money coins of silver instead of tael? Might be easier for me…

I just want to know if it’s okay to write such things? Will it upset readers or not? I just want some acceptance, :sweat_smile:.

Thank you.


Heyyy as a Chinese person I’ll just tell ya- as long as uve done ur research, it should be fine. Ur story seems interesting!

Thank you so much.
But, does anything I have said previously offend someone in any way? I just want to make sure, because I don’t want to have that problem!
Also any tips?
Sorry if i’m troubling you. Again, thank you!!

I’d say that what ur doing is good. There are a lot of stereotypes to be avoided, but like I said as long as u do ur research you’ll be fine

stereotypes as in?
My problem is that I don’t know where to search. :sweat_smile:

Well for example, lumping all Chinese people into one group. China is a reasonably big country so not everyone will look the same and is the same ethnicity. Also that all of us have “slender” eyes which is definitely not true. I can’t think of anything else specifically at the moment, and I also can’t speak for other Chinese people, but that’s the main no no for me

oh I was planning on that! I didn’t want all the characters to look the same. All of the characters will have small/large eyes, nose and mouth. I also don’t believe in such things. Not all Chinese characters have the “monolid/slender” eyes, I’ve made most characters have large eyes, or ones with double eyelids. I also made characters who are dark toned as said previously, because I don’t believe they’re only bright skin toned. I have seen many tanned/dark and wanted to do that in my story as well!
Is that okay?

well I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s fine by me!


Thanks for bothering to make sure that ur not being offensive. A lot of people don’t, so I just want you to know that I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile: I respect others. I think it’s rude to not care. And thank you. I’ll write my story, and if i find any problems on the way I’ll just try to fix the problems :slight_smile:

I’m glad I could help and good luck with ur story!

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Thank you

If there is someone who have some ideas for me or if there are some things i should avoid please do tell me so. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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